it will be a pleasure to add all the other players and concerts

                                 not yet included in the following list, just let me know

2018              ur, 2 rites for solo cb.  (35’+ 21’)


                                 2021/06 Sueca, Dario Calderone (1st and 2nd parts) – next

                                 2018/09 Venezia Biennale, Dario Calderone (1st and 2nd parts)

                                 2017/12 Graz MUWA, Dario Calderone (1st rite)

                                 2016/02 Stuttgart Eclat, Dario Calderone (1st rite)

2014             ciclo del ritorno integral performances


                                  2017/03 Geneve Archipel, Anna Spina   

                                  2016/11 Wien Stephansdom, Anna Spina   

                                  2015/09 Bern Münster, Anna Spina    

                                  2014/11 Bremen Kulturkirche St. Stephani, Anna Spina  

2014                     e poi, for alto solo (21’)


                                  2019/01 Zürich Theater Rigiblick, Anna Spina    

                                  2017/05 Graz Muwa, Anna Spina   

                                  2014/03 Bern Konservatorium, Anna Spina   

                                  2013/11 Bern HKB Kammermusiksaal, Anna Spina   

                                  2013/11 Bludenz Tage zeitgemässer Musik, Anna Spina   

2011                     lassù, for alto solo prepared and amplified (47′)


                                   2013/10 Brusino Chiesa di San Michele, Anna Spina   

                                   2011/11 Bludenz Tage zeitgemässer Musik, Anna Spina  

2008                 ciclo dell’assedio integral performances


                                   2021/10 Bludenz, mdi string quartet (next)

                                   2021/05 Milano, mdi string quartet (next)

2008                      tête, cello solo without bow with prerecorded voice on CD (8’)


                                   2018/12 Milano, Giorgio Casati

                                   2017/09 Berlin, Claudius von Wrochem

                                   2015/10 Zürich, Karolina Öhman

                                   2013/05 Hamburg, Claudius von Wrochem

                                   2010/03 Leipzig, Claudius von Wrochem

                                   2010/03 Klosterneuburg, Claudius von Wrochem

                                   2009/10 München, Claudius von Wrochem

2006                       inoltre, for two half prepared violins (12’)


                                   2019/05 Guarda, mdi string duo

                                   2019/05 Adria Conservatorio, mdi string duo

                                   2018/12 Milano, mdi string duo

                                   2018/11 Palermo, mdi string duo

                                   2018/08 Firenze Murate, mdi string duo

                                   2017/02  Aachen Klangbrücke, Duo Gelland                               

                                   2016/11  Delmenhorst, Duo Gelland

                                   2016/10  Minneapolis Grace University, Duo Gelland

                                   2016/09  Berlin Orpheo, Duo Gelland

                                   2014/11  Zürich Kleine Tonhalle, Duo Gelland

                                   2008/02  Stockholm, Duo Gelland

2004                      rinascere sirena, for prepared string trio (21’)


                                   2019/11 Genova Acquario, mdi string trio

                                   2019/11 Roma Avidi lumi, mdi string trio

                                   2018/12 Milano, mdi string trio

                                   2018/11 Palermo, mdi string trio

                                   2018/08 Firenze Murate, mdi string trio

                                   2016/10 Roma S.Cecilia, mdi string trio

                                   2015/10 Milano San Maurizio, mdi string trio

                                   2005/04 Berlin, Kairos Quartett

                                   2005/03 Wien, Kairos Quartett

                                   2004/10 Graz, Kairos Quartett

2002                     ) place (  for prepared string quartet (28’)


                                   2019/10 Wien, mdi string quartet

                                   2019/10 Graz, mdi string quartet

                                   2018/09 Berlin, Kairos Quartett

                                   2017/01 Basel, Kairos Quartett

                                   2012/11 Bremen, Kairos Quartett

                                   2012/05 Hannover, Kairos Quartett

                                   2009/11 Tosterglope, Kairos Quartett

                                   2009/10 Ljubljana, Kairos Quartett

                                   2008/09 Halberstadt, Kairos Quartett

                                   2006/11 Köln, Kairos Quartett

                                   2006/11 Bludenz, Kairos Quartett

                                   2006/05 Katowice, Kairos Quartett

                                   2006/10 Krakow, Kairos Quartett

                                   2006/02 Stockholm, Weberkvartetten

                                   2005/10 Guanajauto, Kairos Quartett

                                   2005/05 Klosterneuburg, Kairos Quartett

                                   2005/03 Judenburg, Kairos Quartett

                                   2005//03 Graz, Kairos Quartett

                                   2004/07 Vitasaari, Kairos Quartett

                                   2004/04 Amsterdam, Kairos Quartett

                                   2004/04 Ulm, Kairos Quartett

                                   2004/04 Rottenburg, Kairos Quartett

                                   2003/04 Mexico City, Kairos Quartett

                                   2002/11 Huddersfield, Kairos Quartett

                                   2002/11 Braunschweig, Kairos Quartett

                                   2002/11 Zürich, Kairos Quartett

                                   2002/09 Brixen, Kairos Quartett

                                   2002/05 Berlin, Kairos Quartett

                                   2001/11 Zürich Kleine Tonhalle, Kairos Quartett

2005           ultimo a lato, for solo sax soprano (8’)


                                   2016/10 Basel Adullam-Kapelle, Patrick Stadler

                                   2016/10 Biel La Voirie, Patrick Stadler

                                   2016/07 Tel Aviv Hateiva, Patrick Stadler

                                   2015/05 Munich Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, Patrick Stadler

                                   2008/04 Zürich, Marcus Weiss

                                   2006/05 Dijon, Marcus Weiss

1999           ciclo per sax soprano necessità d’interrogare il cielo (67’) integral performances


                                   2019/07 Zürich, Wasserkirche, Patrick Stadler

                                   2019/04 Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Patrick Stadler 

                                   2017/07 Tel Aviv Hateiva, Patrick Stadler

                                   2016/10 Milano San Maurizio, Marcus Weiss

                                   2014/05 Toledo, Iglesia de San Pedro, Marcus Weiss

                                   2014/02 Chicago Renaissance Society, Marcus Weiss

                                   2011/10 Maiorca, Marcus Weiss

                                   2007/01 Basel Gare du Nord, Marcus Weiss

                                   2007/12 Luxembourg Philarmonie, Marcus Weiss

                                   2006/04 Paris Conservatoire de Boulogne, Marcus Weiss

                                   2006/02 Stockholm Storkyrkan, Marcus Weiss

                                   2005/01 Berlin, Marcus Weiss

                                   2004/01 Frankfurt Höchst, Marcus Weiss

                                   2004/11 Aachen, Marcus Weiss

                                   2004/10 Stuttgart, Marcus Weiss

                                   2003/01 Köln, Marcus Weiss

                                   2002/01 Wien, Marcus Weiss

                                   2002/11 Zürich Kleine Tönhalle, Marcus Weiss

                                   2002/10 Chiasso Chiesa Rossa, Marcus Weiss

                                   2001/09 Basel Martinskirche, Marcus Weiss

1998                avvicinamento: tre studi sul quarto centro, for saxophone quartet (23’)


                                   2018/12 Sueca, slab saxophone quartet

                                   2011/01 Boston, Anoubis Saxophone Quartet

                                   2011/02 Chicago, Anoubis Saxophone Quartet

                                   2004/08 Darmstadt, Xasax

                                   1998/04 Witten, Xasax

2009                qui, for solo piccolo recorder (1’12)


                                  2019/10 Palermo, Teatro Massimo, Antonio Politano

                                  2019/09 Schloss Wartin, Gartensaal, Antonio Politano

                                  2019/05 Lugano Teatro Studi, Antonio Politano

                                  2017/12 Salisburg, Universitat Mozarteum, Antonio Politano

                                  2014/05 Berlin, Antonio Politano

                                  2014/05 Bremen, Konzertsaal der Hochschule, Antonio Politano

                                  2010/10 Augsburg, Kulturhaus Abraxas, Antonio Politano

                                  2012/10 Amsterdam, Haitinkzaal, Antonio Politano

                                  2012/05 Firenze, Fabbrica Europa, Antonio Politano

                                  2011/02 Lausanne, Antonio Politano

                                  2010/05 Leipzig, Hochschule fur Musik, Antonio Politano

                                  2010/05 Zurich, Hochschule fur Musik Grosser Saal, Antonio Politano

2004                edo no hana, for tenor recorder (14’)


                                   2018/09 Bolzano, Caroline Mayrhofer

                                   2006/11 Bludenz, Antonio Politano

2000                due lune più in là, for five players (15’)           


                                   2005/02 Milano, Divertimento Ensemble, S.Gorli

                                   2002/11 Bludenz, IGNM ensemble

                                   2001/11 Zürich, Ensemble Opera Nova, M.Christie

                                   2000/08 Rumlingen, Ensemble Phoenix, J.Henneberger

1996 (rev. 2004) note all’Empedocle, for twelve players (24’)


                                   2006/03 Bern, Phoenix Ensemble Basel, J.Henneberger

                                   2006/03 Basel, Phoenix Ensemble Basel, J.Henneberger

                                   2004/04 Witten, Collegium Novum Zürich, P.Rundell

                                   1998/11 Melbourne, Elision Ensemble, S.Gorli

1991                in un luogo superfluo, clarinet solo (15’)


                                   1995/11 Stuttgart, Ernesto Molinari

1990 (rev. 1999) l’arcipelago, for seven players (27’)


                                   2001/11 Zürich, Collegium Novum, Y.Sughiama

                                   2000/12 Wien, Klangforum Wien, D.Masson

                                   1996/10 Bludenz, Ensemble Recherche, B.Furrer

                                   1995/02 Echo Ensemble, E.Pomarico

1986                dalla tentazione di sant’Antonio, for violin solo (10’)


                                   2017/12 Graz MUWA, Lorenzo Derinni

                                   2016/10 Roma S.Cecilia, Lorenzo Gentili Tedeschi

                                   2015/10 Milano S.Maurizio, Lorenzo Gentili Tedeschi

                                   2001/11 Zürich, David Albermann

                                   1995/12 Bergamo, Enzo Porta

                                   1989/12 Roma, Enzo Porta